They Make US PROUD!!

          Mga anak ng Calumpang (Taga-Calumpang Din Po Kami) na nagdadala ng karangalan at ligaya hindi lang sa kanilang mga magulang kundi sa kabarangay at kababayan.

          Nakatataba ng puso na sila ay may ugat na pinanggalingan dito at ang kanilang halimbawa ay inspirasyon sa ating lahat.

Who wants to be an architect? 

Published @ Tuesday, December 22, 2009

RAHWAY—Students from the third grade Gifted and Talented program at Roosevelt School in Rahway recently attended the Edith Mayner Brain Bowl 2009.

Teams were challenged to build the tallest structure using only newspaper, dowel sticks, and masking tape. The key to building a structure was to make weak and flimsy newspaper strong by rolling newspaper dowels. Masking tape was used to attach the rolled newspaper. Students realized a wide base at the bottom would distribute the weight over a wider area and make the structure more stable. The teepee architectural structure won.

Pictured are Roosevelt School students Christopher Sanders and Rowena Songcuan with Rahway’s Superintendent of Schools Frank R. Buglione and Lorraine J Aklonis, supervisor of humanities. Photo courtesy of Roosevelt School.


 Joulhlan S. Aralar January 26, 2010

     Ang galing mo Rowena…. Congratulations to Rowena and to the proud parents Mr. and Mrs. Songcuan.

Connie Unay Lirio Songcuan January 26, 2010

     Salamat sa inyong lahat. Oo nga, news like this serves as inspiration sa mga kabataan and gives honor to all of us.


Our own “Sax” in  DoDDS –Europe 2010 Jazz Big Band & Vocal Ensemble

     Sean Michael G. Geguera, playing tenor saxophone, made it to the prestigious DoDDS- Europe 2010 Jazz Big Band & Vocal Ensemble.

     He is among the 26 who qualified from over 115 high school students who auditioned for the Big Band Jazz Ensemble in Kaiserslautern, Germany, January 10-15, 2010.  The band is set to tour Europe after two concerts on military installations in the Kaiserslautern and Baumholder communities and a public concert at Ramstein, Germany.

     Sean’s romance with the sax has been going on for six years now.  This first stint in Germany’s jazz band is prefaced by Sean’s performances as a member of Yokota Swinging Panthers, a jazz band in Yokota Air Base, Japan, where his family was stationed then. No stranger to concerts for Sean visited and played at several international schools in Japan for two years.

     Seventeen- year- old Sean is big brother to 13- year- old Ria Mai,  children of Maigart T. Geguera of Cavite and Maria Annie of Apostadero-Gascon clan in Calumpang, Binangonan, Rizal.  Tanet, as his mother is fondly addressed by her kababayans, works in the U.S. Air Force and is now based in Germany.

     Sean’s passion for saxophone has raised curtains for this young talent who swings at the world’s musical stage.  It is heartening to know that he traces his roots from the Apostadero’s and Gascon’s of Calumpang and the Geguera’s of Cavite.  And, his occasional visits to his homeland are a joyous celebration for his relatives who share his triumphs.

     “Pamangkin ko si Sean”, pagmamalaki ni Kagawad Rene Apostadero.  “Apo ni Doring Apostadero-Gascon”, dagdag ni Maret A. Cervo.   



2 thoughts on “They Make US PROUD!!

  1. I remember Sean-Michael G. Geguera when he use run in the beaches of Hawaii as a toddler.. Hikam AFB to be exact. This is where I last visited and stayed with my dear friends the Geguera family. If ever in New York City, please look me up. We have much to catch up on.

    Congratulations Sean, Ria Mae, “Tannet”, oh and of course Maigart..

    All the best in health and happiness


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