Kaming Kabataan


kaming mga kabataan

Kaming Kabataan

          The young ones ask for it. A space to raise questions, to sound off or merely ‘nasabi  lang”.

           ‘Delusional’ (ha-ha) persons, who thought that being young is truly ‘a frame of mind than a state of the body’, would be in for some surprises.  The bagets of today are on a different ‘territory’ than the kabataan twenty or ten years ago!  

          Let them be. It’s like a counterflow where adults learn from the youth.  Kung hindi naman ay bigyan ng mapayapang payo: “Ang lumilingon sa pinanggalingan ay nadadapa, este, makakarating sa paroroonan .”  Or “history repeats itself” para duon sa hindi natuto sa leksyon nito.

          Sa unang arangkada- Anong gustong gawing project ng kabataan ? 

          Bakit naging tatlo ang champion ng 2009 SK Summer League?

                                                                                         Batang isip/ Batang puso


2 thoughts on “Kaming Kabataan

  1. “Growing up is never easy. We hold on to things that were. We wonder what’s to come. But that night, I think we knew it was time to let go of what had been, and look ahead to what would be. Other days. New days. Days to come. Days to grow up!! So let’s enjoy life while we’re young… n_n

  2. I was once, a young ones of our beloved Calumpang, and we never had a chance like this to view our opinions,ect. We dont have emails,and blogs and we don’t have Kapjo on our side.

    You! young ones are lucky in so many ways. Why not take advantage of it. Use this blog and be productive. GISING MGA KABATAAN!

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